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We are excited to share that EROG and Uzma had signed an exclusive agency agreement
September 1, 2020 0

Uzma, established in 2000, started its business by providing professional consultancy services to its clients. Since then, the company has gone through rapid growth driven by its vision to be a leading OGSE company in South East Asia. The Group’s growth was fuelled by adding new innovative service offerings beyond consultancy services, and a market expansion beyond Malaysia.

Uzma Berhad and its subsidiary companies (“Uzma” or “the Group”) offer a spectrum of cost-effective integrated solutions which leverage innovation across the exploration, development, and production value chain for the O&G industry. Uzma Group operates in 36 countries with strong footprints in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Some of this growth was generated through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

Over the past several years, Uzma has been putting into effect its strategic decision to reposition its core business on integrated solutions and asset/technology-based solutions.

Uzma Berhad is listed on the KLSE Main Board.