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Petroleum Technology Company

Petroleum Technology Company (PTC), founded in Norway in 2002, provides innovative gas lift, chemical injection and wellhead VR profile based monitoring, intervention and control solutions to the oil and gas industry worldwide. PTC has a staff of 116 employees with offices in Norway, UK, Abu Dhabi, US and Brazil. In addition, PTC works through partners in Oman and Saudi Arabia. PTC’s current client base includes many of the world’s largest and most demanding IOC’s and NOC’s.

Since our inception in 2002, we have innovated and patented technologies to improve production efficiency and the integrity of our clients’ wells. Here are some of our most radical innovations, shaping the industry today:

  • 2005 – HSAS: World’s first hydraulically Operated Surface Annular Safety Valve
  • 2005 – World’s first 13 5/8” VO ASV Dual Bore Packer
  • 2007 – VR Sense: World’s first VR sensor
  • 2007 – SafeLift: World’s first barrier qualified TR2385 gas lift valve
  • 2008 – SafeLift IPO: World’s first 10KPSI Unloading Valve
  • 2010 – ShearLift T: World’s first Tubing Shearable GLV (Activate multiple GLV’s in one run)
  • 2014 – World’s first 20KPSI HPHT Side Pocket Mandrel (SPM)
  • 2015 – NexLift SI: World’s first NON welded SPM machined from a single piece of steel
  • 2016 – NexLift RO: World’s first SPM with only 2 welds and no final straitening after heat treatment
  • 2017 – NexLift SI-B: World’s first dual barrier NON welded SPM

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