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Innovex Downhole Solutions was formed in 2016 from the union of three industry leaders in well construction and completions products—Team Oil Tools, Antelope Oil Tool & Manufacturing, and Isolation Technologies. This strategic integration delivers more than 70 years of combined industry experience and a proven track record of exceptional service.

We are a dedicated team of well construction, completion, and production experts providing extensive solutions, with extensive industry and product knowledge, and a steadfast drive to operationally impact customer success.

Our portfolio of products includes a variety of tools and proprietary technologies that provide reliable solutions to onshore and offshore producers around the world.

What we do exceptionally well is apparent in our approach to serving customers. We are agile and respond quickly to challenges, provide access to experienced engineering teams, and solve problems in ways that go beyond the expected. We work to advance your goals by empowering our people to think innovatively—to deliver a better customer experience.

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