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Impact Selector

Impact Selector has positioned its revolutionary product platform to transition conveyance programs from a fundamental reactionary mindset to a standard proactive foundational program in the industry. This front-end approach called Intelligent Conveyance® Technology incorporates highly innovative tools to model, configure, measure and validate data to provide its customers the highest quality data to make key operational decisions throughout the entire life cycle of the well.

Impact Selector are exclusively focused on the successful deployment and retrieval of our clients’ toolstrings, expanding the envelope of what is possible on wireline.

From our innovative Research and Development department and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing processes to our industry standard wireline modelling software or bespoke inhouse jarring simulations – we integrate technology and experience to facilitate stronger consultative relationships with our clients.

Bringing the elements together: tools, technology and insight. Impact Selector consistently delivers Intelligent Conveyance solutions.

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