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BRI Well Services

BR Industrier AS bought AGR Well Services from AGR in March 2013.

BRI Well Service is now a subsidiary of Norwegian Oilfield Supply, an oil service company that provides

products and services to the oil and gas industry in Norway and internationally.

BRI Well Service is a part of BR Industrier AS

We should be a quality and service focused company where customer satisfaction and satisfied employees is our main goal.

Our mission is to supply the products and services you need. If it`s not in our large inventory we utilize our global network of suppliers.

BRI Well Service AS tools provide efficient and cost-effective wellbore cleanout packages for use in nearly every major producing region.

The company also supplies equiptment that meets or exceeds applicable API specifications.

BRI Well Service designs and delivers high-performance downhole tools that are durable, pressure-resistamt and multi-functional.

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