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EROG and BRI OFFSHORE signed an exclusive agency agreement
March 3, 2019 0

EROG and BRI OFFSHORE signed an exclusive agency agreement on March 3rd, 2019 to provide multiple services for oil and gas market in Saudi Arabia.  BRI Offshore is an independent Norwegian company with its headquarters in Stavanger, Norway and was established as a new segment of BRI Industrier AS in early 2014.
Founder and owner of BRI Industries AS, Bjørn Rygg,  came up with the concept that included setting up a team of motivated people whom would be creative in developing innovative solutions within the offshore and subsea segment.

The company is a result of the merging  of Flint Subsea Ltd, NorHull AS and the subsea segment of Norwegian Hose Supply.

Our success is based upon our core values; being committed, flexible, resilient and quality oriented.

BRI Offshore main business areas are intervention systems and our splash zone concept.  The company is organized in four divisions;



For more details, please visit the BRI website